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Forex Peace ArmyForex Peace Army reviews of the Forex Mentor Pro program are unanimously positive. At the time of this articles writing the reviewers have given it a combined rating of five stars which is the highest rating that is available.

Here’s a few of the most recent reviews and comments about the Forex Mentor Pro program…

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I have been trying to trade for many years, and have a personal deadline which I need to try and meet to be successful. I've tried lots of courses, systems, indicators and every other type of trading magic bullet that you can think of, but none of them have come close to Forex Mentor Pro. The one thing that it does teach you is that there is no overnight success in trading, it takes hard work, dedication and commitment. To some extent it also takes repetition and structure, something that Marc and his team are very good at providing. The regular webinars and trading sessions that are made available are extremely valuable and teach a level of discipline that you won't see in many other areas, and the style of trading is also far more relaxed as they tend to focus on longer term charts.

I have to say had someone who almost gave up trying Marc has managed to turn my trading career around over the course of time of which I am extremely grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend, and personally I would recommend the lifetime membership, you certainly won't regret it.

Cheers, Andi

Andi Cambridge, United Kingdom January 10, 2017

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Thank you a million times for your coaching and mentoring.
I've been struggling with useless forex programs and strategies for over 10 years now, and I'm looking forward to actually LEARN from masters how to properly trade, and see a turn-around in my trading. I'm busy going through the vids and they are very informative and insightful, and after 10 years of stuffing around with forex, I have still learned a lot from FMP and understanding the forex markets better. I am planning to demo trade until the end of July and if all goes well (and I know with discipline from my side it surely will), throw in some real money and eventually start my successful trading career after 10 years.
God bless you guys for an honest service that you provide and a mighty fine job that you're doing.

To you reading this, looking for a decent fx program / mentoring that will actually WORK, I have tried many many programs and cr** in the last 10 years. FORGET ABOUT TRYING TO AUTOMATE YOUR STRATEGY! Get FMP, learn everything there is to learn, make time daily to manually check and do what you have learned, and you will be successful. Don't throw away 10 years of your life like I did. Automatic and forex DO NOT GO TOGETHER! PERIOD! Trading is a job, that needs a human brain, and it is certainly worth it at the end of the day.
Happy trading!

Adrian Boshoff South Africa January 10, 2017

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Before joining ForexMentorPro I had spent years trying to become successful at Forex trading, trying so many different systems. After wiping my account in a few acts of desperation and frustration, I eventually gave up convinced it is a game just for professionals.

With joining ForexMentorPro which I stumbled upon purely by accident, my eyes have been opened. Watching the bi-weekly webinars of what professional traders are planning and then actually doing is what has turned my trading around.

There is so much B******T in this space with robots that will make you 10000% per month etc, it is fantastic that this site was created where honest professional traders are teaching me to become a better trader.

There are no short cuts or push button systems, and if you are new to trading don’t expect to be making money a month after you join. But with joining ForexMentorPro you will be on the right path of building your knowledge, developing your discipline, and finding trading systems that work for you.

David Summer United Kingdom January 10, 2017

So as you can see, the reviewers that decided to share their experiences with the Forex Mentor Pro offering are very enthusiastic and positive about their experiences. They are happy to recommend it to other traders and are confident in the positive results you will get.

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