About Marc Walton


Marc Walton Forex Mentor ProMarc Walton is the founder of Forex Mentor Pro where he is also the head mentor. He is a full-time trader and fund manager and so has plenty of experience and advice to offer to his students.

He currently lives in the Canary Islands and his specialty at Forex Mentor Pro is with his ‘M2’ trading strategy. Marc teaches and advises students on the best way to trade his trading system and presents daily video updates of the best setups he is watching.

Marc is notorious for being ‘spookily accurate’ in his trade analysis and can often pick out entries that run for 100’s of pips.

He is unique in his approach to mentoring and training his students, in that he doesn’t just tell you about trades he’s entered in the past but actually gives you notice before he enters. By doing this Marc is setting you up for success and making it easier for you to achieve your goal of becoming a professional Forex trader.

Marc is always available to members of the Forex Mentor Pro program via the private forum or the support ticket system. He prides himself on responding to members in a prompt and timely manner and works tirelessly to make sure he communicates his ideas and winning strategies as clearly as possible.

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